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Are you ready to join the BIGGEST LOVE REVOLUTION ever?  Are you struggling to create a life full of love & passion?  Is your love life non-existent?   Are you ready to make positive life giving changes in your life to create a life you love?  Surround yourself with love & positive healthy relationships?

Well you are in the right place at the right time! I’m going to give you my TOP 14 dating tips to create an irresistible life you love!  Commit to these daily changes in you will see a difference in your relationships with others & yourself.

LOVE TIP #1 Find  & show your passion! Passion is a strong excitement or enthusiasm for something.  We all need passion about something! Find your passion in something other than another person.  We often find passion in another person before finding an outside passion that fulfills us.  When the passionate relationship ends we often fill empty & lonely.  This is why it is vital to find passion in something outside of another person.  What do you LOVE to do in your spare time?  Are you passionate about creating your own business, yoga, helping others? Whatever sparks your soul & creates excitement is passion.  Find this, experiment with it & see where your passion leads you.  Without a passionate life outside of a relationship it is hard to create a passionate life full of love.

LOVE TIP #2  Inner Wellness is key to embrace your inner beauty and practice healthy emotions.  When inner wellness is practiced it radiates on the outside.  There is nothing more beautiful than a beautiful soul.  Inner wellness is the practice of self love, positive thinking and healing any negative emotions.  Practice this daily.

LOVE TIP #3  Get Fit! Exercise will increase beta-endorphins which will increase your heart rate & cause blood to flow to all the right places….if you know what I mean! Physical activity will help you feel good about yourself on the inside and out, it will create a beautiful glow on your skin & it will stimulate a sexual awakening.  All major sexy aspects!


LOVE TIP #4  Be Confident in You!  When I asked men what makes a woman sexy the most common answer was confidence! Men are attracted to women that are confident with themselves.  Not the cocky, I’m too good for you confidence but the confidence of being comfortable with who you are as a person.  Men love women who know what they want!

LOVE TIP #5  Be Playful! Men love a woman that they can be playful with.  Miss Bored-a-lot will not get dates & she will live a life of loneliness.  Flirt & have fun with your date.  If you need some help on how to flirt check out one of our coaching sessions & schedule some time with one of our dating specialists.  They are experts in getting your flirt on!


LOVE TIP #6  Smile… A lot! A friendly person gets the date. A smile will open the doors for conversation and love.  A friendly person is approachable & conversational.  If you walk around with a frown don’t expect Mr. McDreamy to knock on your door.  A smile says, “I’m friendly, I’m approachable, I want to talk to you. Let’s have dinner. I’m fun!”


LOVE TIP #7  Have a Gratitude Attitude!  Having a thankful mindset will create positive energy.  And positive energy is attractive.  It attracts people to you.  When we have a gratitude mindset the appearance of our face changes and the energy we let off changes.  As our mindset changes so does what we attract to ourselves.  Are you attracting negative, unavailable men?  Check your mindset and eliminate any negative emotions or thoughts.  Negative emotions & mindsets attract the wrong people without even realizing it.


LOVE TIP #8  Intelligence is a virtue! Become schooled in something! A man doesn’t want to talk to a rock.  Find something interesting to learn about.  FYI men love sports, the outdoors, music & so much more.  Explore different avenues and learn some facts. Learn a new language, new culture, or visit a new place.  This will open your mind to new things, new people & great conversations.


LOVE TIP #9  Laughter is the best medicine! Laughter releases the feel good hormones like serotonin which is a natural antidepressant.  Watch funny shows, laugh with friends, just get your laugh on! Laughter is a natural attraction as long as it’s not overly loud & obnoxious.


LOVE TIP #10  Drive & Ambition! Take your ambition for a drive! Before seeking a new relationship develop drive & ambition in something! Remember you are what you attract.  If you want a hottie that is hardworking, loyal & perseveres through life than make sure you are doing the same.

LOVE TIP #11  Throw Negativity to the Curb! Negativity is one of my biggest pet peeves! Negativity attracts negativity.  Negativity keeps you in a depressed mindset & steals joy from your soul.  Who wants to do life with Negative Nancy all the time?  Yep not me.  Fill your mind with positive thoughts, music & surroundings.  Your future prince charming will thank you later.

LOVE TIP #12  A New Mindset – What are your thoughts full of?  What do you tell yourself everyday?  Is it “I will never find love. I don’t like my body.  When will my life be better…..”  It’s time to replace your mindset.  Start speaking positive statements about your life.  Make a change NOW not tomorrow.  Do something great for you today! Even if it’s as simple as looking in the mirror & saying “Damn I look good today!” Because it’s true you do look good, sweatpants & all.  Now go find you a rockin hot dress & stilettos and hit the town! The right shoes always make me feel sexy!

LOVE TIP #13  Healthy connections determine your surroundings.  Stay within a healthy group of friends. Studies show that the 5 friends that you hang out with the most will determine your future.


LOVE TIP #14  Believe in yourself! You have what it takes deep down within you.  Don’t let settling be an excuse for receiving what’s BEST for you.  Believe that you are worthy of the best & act on it.


Amanda Rose


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