Do you love LOVE?

Do you love love?

Do you want a career that is incredibly rewarding?

Do you desire to create your own schedule and have the freedom to work absolutely anywhere in the world?

Are you ready to uplevel your income and make a massive difference in the lives of others?

Are you dreaming of becoming your own boss?  

Ready to ditch that 9-5 cubicle?

If you answered yes then you are in the RIGHT place!

Taught by Award Winning

Top Celebrity Matchmaker and Dating Coach

Amanda Rose


In 2011, I wanted the same thing.  I was a newly single mom. I went from being a stay at home mom to a single mom literally overnight.  My bank account was drained, I was wondering how I was going to buy food for my kids, pay basic bills and just get by.  There were times I was searching the house for change just to put gas in my car.  It was one of the lowest points in my life.  

Right then I knew I had 2 choices.  I had the choice to let the divorce define me, go on welfare and become another single mom statistic.  r I had the choice to put my bad ass big girl panties on and create a life I only dreamed of. I wanted financial freedom.  I wanted to give everything to my children that they needed.  I wanted to create adventures and travel with my children.  And I did not want to sacrifice working all day in a cubicle for time with them.  

So I chose the later.  I built my business from the ground up.  I never dreamed in a million years I would become a matchmaker.  Especially not a nationally recognized matchmaker.  A little idea popped in my head right before the divorce.  See if you don’t know my story I had suspicions my ex husband was dating online (while we were married.)  So I did what any suspecting woman would do…I went searching for his profile.  Low and behold I found it.  While I was searching for his profile I kept thinking holy moly the guys on online dating sites are scary!  The profiles were cringe worthy, the pictures were out dated and I thought how are any of these men getting dates?  I also thought in passing there should be a business that helps these guys look dateable.  And that’s when the magic happened.  I took that tiny idea and taught myself how to create a business.  I stayed up until 3 and 4 in the morning every night while the kids were asleep.  I taught myself how start a business, how to build a website, how to market and network a business.  And a few months later my first business was born, The Dating Stylist.  I launched the business, created social media pages and then the unthinkable happened.  A producer from the Steve Harvey show contacted me to possibly be on the show.  I thought it was a cruel joke at first but it was really happening.  I didn’t even have one client yet! I scrambled to try to put something together and in the end didn’t get the part.  But I knew in that moment I HAD something BIG!  I knew I had to run with this business and not give up.  

As I built The Dating Stylist, we made over online profiles and helped men look dateable.  From there I was offered a job with an international matchmaking agency but didn’t like their process.  The process wasn’t personalized at all and I knew there was a better way to help people find love.  So I branched off on my own and created the Dating Boutique.  I created a personalized all in one matchmaking boutique that was the first of its kind.  

And not only that I created a life beyond my wildest dreams for me and my children.  That was the best part of it all.  I love what I do.  I’m completely obsessed with the freedom and lifestyle that I’ve created.  The best part is I know I can help others create the same freedom.  The freedom to quit that 9-5 cubicle job, the freedom to be at home with their children, the freedom to chose your income and create a life beyond your wildest dreams.  I look back over the last 7 years and I’m still in awe over what all has happened.  Since that little idea popped in my head over a decade ago, I’ve been named the top celebrity matchmaker and one of the top dating coaches in the world. I’ve had countless media features and appearances and my dream has truly came true. 

As a matchmaker and dating coach you get to help others with one of the most important aspects of their life! And the best part you get paid to do so! As a bossbabe you get to create your own schedule, work when and where you want and have the complete financial freedom to give yourself the income raise you want.

Did you know matchmakers on average make between 6-7 figures a year?  The dating industry is a billion dollar industry and there is no better time than now to join in on it.

I wanted to create this course because I see the struggles.  I see women miserable at their 9-5 job.  I see single moms working multiple jobs just trying to survive (I was there!)  I see women looking for purpose and wanting to create a deep meaningful contribution to the world.   And then I realized I have accomplished all of that with my business.  I quit the 9 to 5 cubicle job.  I provide for my children with my matchmaking business.  I have a deep and passionate purpose that I can’t believe is real life sometimes.  I want that for you!  I want to help women create a life of their dreams and help others along the way.


Amanda Rose 

The Details

Be Your Own Boss

  • Learn the skills to be your own boss and build a business of your dreams.
  • Learn my exact systems to run a successful matchmaking and date coaching business.
  • In depth training on how to grow your business and gain clients.
  • Get clear on how to accomplish your goals, develop your niche, and master coaching skills

Work From Anywhere

Are you ready to achieve true lifestyle freedom?

  • Learn how to work from absolutely anywhere in the world
  • Create location freedom and ditch the 9 to 5 cubicle
  • Create a schedule around what’s most important to you
  • Design your life and become your own boss

Financial Freedom

  • Create a life of financial freedom.
  • Learn how to create your income as your own boss
  • Design the life of your dreams
  • Stop waiting for someone else to give you a raise!

The Content

Module One

Clarity is Key!

In Module One this is where we get clear on what you want to accomplish,  your niche and how to launch your business.

I take you step by step through the process on how to start your own business.

I’ll share the behind the scenes steps that took my business from idea to launch.

Module Two

Design Your Business

In Module Two we’ll go through the exact steps to set up your business.

I’ll show you how to set up a website for low cost, create a matchmaking database, and launch your new business!

I’ll share with you the exact systems I use to manage and grow my business.

This module is so much fun because you’ll see your business come to life!

Module Three

The Secret of Matchmaking

In Module Three you’ll learn all the secrets to the magic of matchmaking!

I’ll share with you how I screen and interview matches, how to create custom consultations, and how to create successful matches.

You’ll also learn the skills for becoming a successful dating coach and creating a lucrative coaching business.

Module Four

Visibility and Networking! 

Learn how to use the power of networking to recruit the best matches, create influencer collaborations and gain media exposure.

You’ll learn how to find and get clients, how to establish yourself as a leading dating expert and how to use social networking to create a national brand name.

Module Five

Multiple Streams of Income

In Module 5 I’ll teach how to create multiple streams of income!

Learn how I make money in my sleep by creating passive income.

The exact programs and services I created to bring in multiple consistent income

Module Six

Visualization and Business

Learn how to create a mindset for success and why it’s key to building a business

Learn my exact visualization process for how I went from a simple idea to national exposure

This is how I increased my income, landed national tv spots, media and more!

Module Seven

Implementation Week!

I’m so excited about this week!

This is where you’ll put everything into action and launch your new business!

We’ll have a group Q&A call so that I can answer all your questions

Plus we can brainstorm together!


Pay in full and receive:

Matchmaking service contracts ($5000+ value)

My NEW Singles Events Course –

Learn how to create more income and build your client list with singles events.

I’ll teach you all my secrets in how I created the company SwoonMe Events ($2000 value)


I'm not sure I have time to complete this course. Is there a time limit?
Every week you’ll receive a new module that you can take at your convenience.  You’re welcome to start the course at anytime because you’ll have access to the content forever.  Take the course at your pace in your own time.
Who is this course for? Do I need any type of experience?

This course is for absolutely everyone that has a passion for helping others and the ambition to start their own business! There’s no experience needed to take this course.  Matchmakers come from all types of backgrounds including life coaches, stay at home moms, lawyers, psychologists, teachers and more! This course is for anyone looking to create a career change, start their own business and a new stream of income.

Are results guaranteed with this course?

In this course I’ll teach you the exact steps I used to create a successful nationally known matchmaking business.  I believe that if you put what you learn into action and you do the hard work you’ll experience amazing results. You are capable of creating a life of your dreams with determination and vision.  However,  my attorney makes me put the disclaimer in that:  I don’t guarantee and/or warrant results and/or income.  The results may not be typical for all students.

Is there a payment plan?
Absolutely! I wanted to make this course affordable for anyone.  I started my business as a single mom and built it from the ground up with hardly any extra financial resources.  That’s why it’s so important for me to offer this course at such an amazing price with a payment plan.  I want the same financial and lifestyle freedom for you!
What should I expect from this course?
A lot of content that will help and guide you on how to start, run and grow a successful matchmaking and/or dating coach business. You’ll receive everything from marketing, networking, branding, how to get in the media, matchmaking skills, and more!  I also hope to be your biggest cheerleader through this course! You’ll have a best friend walking you through and cheering you on to create that life of your dreams all while giving you the exact tools you need to get started.
Is there a refund policy?

I highly believe you won’t want a refund because of the value in this course. There are no refunds with my digital courses and products.  You have the ability to make your money back on this course with just one client. The intense value I give in this course is easily worth 10x the cost of the course.  

Additional Questions?
If you have additional questions not answered here please contact and we’ll get back to you asap.  Thank you!

Ready to Start Your Own

Matchmaking Business?

Now is your time to create unlimited income, have financial freedom and work from anywhere in the world you want to!  Join me on the journey! I’d love to help you create the life of your dreams!

The course starts April 22nd!


Limited to the first 20 students.

This 7 week course consists of 7 modules with a new module opening every week. However, you can take the course on your own terms during your own time. You’ll have lifetime access to the course!  When you pay in full you also receive all Bonuses! I also have a payment plan option where you can split payments up with monthly payments for 4 months. Click the option that works best for you below. 

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By enrolling in the course, you agree to the Terms and Conditions

We have a no refund policy on all courses, workshops and/or digital products. I highly believe in the content in each course. I don’t guarantee or warrant any type of results or income results. The income stated by myself or students may not be typical for all students. 

I can’t wait to see you in the course!