Get Ready to Release 7 of the Most Common Limiting Beliefs Around Love and Dating

Did you know the world has more high quality singles than every before?

Today we have a better chance at meeting someone extraordinary.

And we have endless options to meet high quality dates that are commitment minded!

Yet you’re still struggling in the love and dating world and asking where are all these high quality dates? Because you don’t seem to find them anywhere.

The Details

What is EFT?

EFT combines cognitive and exposure therapies with acupressure by tapping on 12 acupuncture points. This method helps change and heal the relationship wiring in your brain.

By tapping on the 12 points located in the body’s meridian the blocked energy related to an issue starts to lighten and release. Within a few minutes the limiting beliefs and blocks around love and dating start to heal and are removed from your body. 


  • Become a Magnet for Love

  • Healing from a Breakup

  • Surround Yourself with Self Love

  • Dating Anxiety Support

  • Releasing Rejection & Heartbreak

  • Tapping into Attraction

  • Letting Go & Forgiveness

Experience Freedom

  • Create a life of emotional and mental freedom

  • Release what’s no longer serving you

  • Design the life of your dreams

  • Once you learn tapping techniques you can use these to create emotional and mental freedom around other issues such as money, stress, and more.

How it Works

  You will receive an email with instant access to the course.  

Each day you will receive a new module that focuses on tapping and

releasing an emotion and block. 

I’ll guide you in a live video with step by step instructions

on how to tap and release the emotion.

Don’t worry I’ll be like your personal guide walking you through this journey. 

Each lesson is less than 11 minutes long and is the perfect way to start your day!


It’s your time to clear all the blocks holding you back from love and freedom!

I’m so excited to bring you this extraordinary healing method and help you find love again.  

Ready to Get Started?

Now is your time to create unlimited emotional freedom, date more successfully and release the blocks that are holding you back from finding love!  Join me on the journey! I’d love to help you create the life of your dreams!

Payment Options

EFT has been a life changing program for me and countless others.  The benefits of EFT are priceless. I learned EFT techniques in a program that cost me nearly $2000. 

For a VERY limited time I’m bringing you the same EFT techniques to change your love and dating life for one easy payment of only $47!

*This course will go up to $199!  

I can’t wait to see you in the course!