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This book has been on my heart for years and I’m finally making it happen.  I don’t know how many times people have told me I should write a book about all my matchmaking experiences. Because there’s a lot!  I can’t wait to share some of the things I’ve experienced as a matchmaker in this first book.  I’m excited so excited to share all the things flirting and dating in this book. 

All the tips and tricks of what it really takes to find the one, gain the confidence to do so and be your authentic self in every part of your journey is in here. 

I know I need to get this message out into the world more than ever.  Dating has changed so much in just the last few years. I know the world needs this message to cultivate healthy successful relationships. There’s no other book like this.  So here it is the first book out of hopefully many. You’ll get some of my top secrets around matchmaking.

There are tons of relationship and dating books out there but none like this. Not that they’re not good books, they’re just missing a lot of key components when it comes to dating and relationships.  I feel like most are too surface based.  They’re missing what really creates a strong foundation and understanding of what it’s like to date successfully and how to make authentic connections. I want my audience to experience a new way of dating.  An experience that’s authentic, fun, exciting, and embraces who you really are so that you can attract and find Mr. Right. 

This book doesn’t have all the silly dating rules.  It doesn’t have a list of do’s and don’ts.  What it does have are solid actionable steps you can take to date more successfully and have fun while doing it.  And key ways you can attract Mr. Right once and for all. 

I’m also creating something special for you so you can join me on this journey.  

All the details are below. I can’t wait for you to join me!


Amanda Rose

The Details


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This special book launch extravaganza consists of so much good stuff! It’s designed to help you transform your dating life and help you find Mr. Right. However, you can join the event on your own terms during your own time. You’ll have lifetime access to the material!  You’ll get access to all recordings, books PLUS all Bonuses!

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