How to Raise Your Vibe When Dating

How to Raise Your Vibe When Dating

Are you ready to have better high quality dates?

Did you know your date can immediately feel your energy? I’ve worked with thousands of people and they all say they can feel the vibe of the person they’re on the date with. They sense when the person is cynical about men, nervous, friendly, approachable and the list goes on.

What do you want your date to say about you? Do you want them to ask you out again? Do you want to have fun on the date? Even if you don’t want them to ask you out again you might as well have fun on the date. So instead of being negative Nancy or cynical Susan make a conscious choice to shift your vibe from low to high. When you make this shift you’ll automatically start attracting higher quality dates and your dating life will change dramatically!

Are you ready to learn how to instantly raise your vibe to attract better dates, have fun on dates and get to that second date?

This video gives you actionable tips to apply to your life to help you create a more successful love life. Watch the video below!

How to Keep the Girl You Love

How to Keep the Girl You Love

Lately I am hearing so many stories about heartbreak. The stories seem the same… a girl leaves a broken relationship. She feels like he is crushing her spirit, he is no longer passionate about her, he says critical and hurtful words, he treats her like an option, and the list of reasons goes on. What surprises me the most is that when the girl finally walks away from all the hurt the guy is often surprised. What he doesn’t realize is that she left a dozen warnings maybe more that she was broken, that she could not fight anymore, that he has crushed her spirit. Instead of fighting for her he lets her walk away.

What guys don’t realize is that it is often quite simple to keep the girl you love. Of course there are the obvious things like being faithful, honesty, and just don’t be a big jerk! However there are little things that you can do to make her feel your love and devotion. When you do these things you are more likely to keep her then lose her and the relationship will strengthen. In the end you may even experience the most amazing relationship of your life.

1. It’s the little things that matter. It’s the gentle touch of your hand, how you wipe the hair out of her eyes, how you stare into her eyes, the random hug or kiss throughout the day, the simple text letting her know you are thinking about her. Text her every morning to say Good Morning Beautiful! You don’t have to do all these things every single day but most definitely make sure you are doing random little ‘I love you’s, I see you, I acknowledge your beauty things’ everyday.

2. Make her feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. That she is your dream woman. That you want to runaway with her. Women want to feel beautiful. We especially want to feel beautiful by the man we love.

3. Remember what is special to her. Show her you care about these things. Ask questions about her family, her children, her work, whatever she is passionate about. When you genuinely take an interest in her life her heart opens and love flows.

4. Notice the small things. How you think it’s cute how she looks when she wakes up, how her nail polish has sock marks in it or how she works hard to accomplish her latest goal. These things may seem unimportant but it truly is the small things that you notice that matter.

5. Have fun together and act silly! Jump off the boat and do cannon balls, playfully tease her or tell her how she makes you smile every time you think of her. Life should be enjoyed so why not do it together!

6. Kiss her Passionately. Grab her and kiss her like you can’t get enough of her. When you kiss tell her it was better than you dreamed it would be. There should always be a little romance sprinkled into your relationship.

7. Don’t take her spark away. A woman’s spirit is gentle, treat it with respect and love. You can either crush her spirit or encourage it. Critical and harsh words crush the spark within the spirit. Be careful with your tongue. Don’t let it blow out the beautiful and inspiring spirit that women contain. When you help this spark grow you can experience the greatest passion you will ever know. The men that crush this gentle spirit never experience all the beauty she has to offer.

A girl will move mountains for a man that adores, appreciates and truly loves her. A woman can sense a fake so don’t do these things without pure intentions in your heart. An authentic man that does these things creates a passionate and pure love within the woman he loves. Of course there are a lot more factors that determine if someone stays or not. Choose to do your best at loving your beautiful lady. Choose her daily and see the difference it makes in your relationship.

Intentional Living:  What Sparks Your Soul?

Intentional Living: What Sparks Your Soul?


Do you ever evaluate your life and wonder if you are living life to the fullest? Most days I feel like there are so many more places to see and so much more to experience. If I live stagnant in the same place without the intention to move forward I may miss out on life’s beauty. There are so many things to soak in, to fill my soul and to live life fully.

I’m convinced we need to live life with intention or we will miss the daily beauty that surrounds us. What does living intentionally mean? And most important how do we do it? For me I am still learning how to take it all in but I do know a few steps that are helping me get there.

7 Steps to Living Intentionally

1. Ask yourself, “What sparks my soul? What makes me feel alive and happy?” From that question make decisions and chose how you will live. This is living intentionally. Do the things that make your soul smile. What makes your heart sing and your soul shine? Do those things! Simple as that. Live everyday doing something you love.

2. Be vulnerable. Are you holding back feelings and emotions that are trapped inside you? Do you wish to tell someone how you feel about them? Or maybe you want to say I’m sorry and offer forgiveness to another. Whatever it is open your heart and live vulnerable. Your soul, your heart is beautiful. It’s so scary to live with vulnerability but I have come to believe it is necessary. Necessary for us to feel raw emotion and live it out loud.

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Live with the intent…..

Read the Entire Article on the Huffington Post HERE!

Healthy Authentic Relationships Telesummit

Healthy Authentic Relationships Telesummit

12 Experts Share Fundamentals for True Relationship Success

I am so excited to offer this FREE telesummit to my VIP list!  Join me & 11 other top relationship experts for everything on how to create a healthy relationship.

If you are trying to make some true and lasting changes in your relationship in 2015, I’ve got something that gives you all the tools you need.

I’m participating in the Healthy, Authentic Relationship Telesummit for 2015 on February 12th and 13th, where 12 experts share the fundamentals on true relationship success.

Whether you are trying to attract a healthy relationship into your life, or you are struggling in a long-term relationship, (or maybe you just want better intimacy) all the tools you need are at this event.

There’s nothing worse than trying to improve your relationship only to keep repeating the same old patterns. You end up feeling bad and you don’t get what you need..

Good relationships are the foundation for all joy in life. No matter what kinds of success we may have, it feels pointless without authentic connection with others to share in our journey.

Our single intention is to help others achieve healthy, authentic relationships. So we decided to join other relationship experts to create an event that will provideeverything you need to create an amazing relationship.

On February 12th and 13th, I will be hosting The Healthy Authentic Relationship Telesummit where 12 experts and coaches will reveal how to create and maintain fulfilling and joyful relationships.

The purpose of this event is to help you live the life you really want, from the inside, with no regrets.

During this free event you will:

·  Get clear on–and love–who you really are
·  Hear the new science about love and what makes it last
·  Learn how to be fully authentic in your relationships
·  Find out what stops true connection
·  How to recover from an affair
·  Gain some healthy, assertive communication tools
·  Lose the fear and release self-sabotage for good
·  Learn how to attract a healthy partner into your life
·  Find out what re-awakens desire and enhances intimacy
–  Create a clear relationship vision to guide your changes

On February 12th and 13th, you can dial in to gain access to all the insight, wisdom and tools provided by the following experts:

Sarah Abell–Author, Relationship Expert, and TEDtalker, and founder of

The seven ways to create a love that grows and lasts.
The true meaning of connection
How to let go of self-protection (the wrong kind)
How to tell if you are being truly authentic

Dr. Jenev Caddell–Clinical Psychologist and Relationship Coach

The new science of love and what it reveals about how relationships thrive
The 3 key ingredients for any healthy relationship
Conscious communication tools for difficult issues such as money

Sophia Chang–Relationship Coach for Recovering Nice Girls

How to tell the difference between “feeling good” and wholeness
The only true way to gain self-acceptance
How to move past denial and control to become conscious of who we really are

Christine Hart–Founder of Living & Loving Authentically

Exactly how to take “far-fetched” relationship desires and turn them into reality
The 3 Keys to authentic communication
The healthy coping tools for dealing with stress or overwhelm

Dr. Robert Huizenga--Author and Infidelity/Relationship Coach

The 3 top motives for infidelity
The most common different kinds of affairs
How to recover from your partner’s affair

Monika Hoyt–Licensed Therapist and Relationship Coach

The  4 pillars of healthy authentic relationships
The fundamentals of communicating with integrity (ending blame for good)
What good boundaries look like and 5 ways to set them in a loving way

Lisa Kift–Therapist, Author and Creator of

What emotional safety really is
The number one thing that gets in the way of security
How to create security in your relationship

Juna Mustad and Justin Milano–Founders of Daily Relationship

How to live a completely honest relationship at all times
What authenticity really looks like
The biggest barriers to closeness and how to overcome them

Susie and Otto Collins–Authors, Speakers, and Relationship Coaches

Why the spark and sizzle leave a relationship and (and how to stop it)
The “Spark Starters” that increase passion
The “Magic Words” that move you out of power struggles into deeper intimacy and trust

Jane Rapin–Relationship Expert and Love Coach

See the past through new eyes
Eliminate self-sabotage to live a life full of love
Live every day as your confident, sexy and authentic self

Amanda Rose–Founder/CEO of Dating Boutique

How to attract a healthy relationship into your life
The secrets of true self love
5 ways to create a life you love

Dr. Gina Senarighi— PhD, MFT, CDWF, relationship coach, couples counselor
3 myths about conflict in relationships (and 3 ways to stay out of it)
5 questions that will help you uncover your hidden or unmet needs
The secret to communicating clearly (and being heard)

Dawn Serra–Relationship Coach

How to master the art of surrender
Three ways to get rid of “should” in your love life
Concrete techniques on how to actively receive
How to discuss intimacy with ease

Allie Theiss–Relationship Coach

How to restart and keep desire alive
The pitfall of online relationships
6 myths about passion that will take you down the wrong path
5 steps to ooze confidence

Not only will you be hearing from these speakers, you will be able to ask them direct questions during a live Q&A session.

Plus, if you RSVP for this event, you will receive the following free bonuses after the event:

Ebook: How to Find and Keep a Love That Lasts (Sarah Abell)
Free audio: 3 Steps to get your significant other to support your dream (Dr. Jenev Caddell)
One 30-minute “Relationship Audit” coaching session (Monika Hoyt)
Ebook: The First Step in Surviving Infidelity (Dr. Robert Huizenga)
Ebook: The Marriage Refresher Course Workbook for Couples (Lisa Kift)
The “kick-start your search for real love and lasting happiness” worksheets, one free hour-long coaching call, AND a 20% discount on coaching package (Jane Rapin)
Ebook on the Top 14 tips and actionable guide to Self Love: How to Create a Life Full of Love (Amanda Rose)
The Integrity-fueled Relationships Workbook (Gina Senarighi)

To learn more about each speaker and reserve your free spot for the live event February 12th and 13th (4 pm to 8 pm CT), go to this link and click on “Reserve your spot today”:

Healthy Authentic Relationship Telesummit

If you cannot be there for any or part of it but would like to hear it later you can get a recording anyways so be sure to sign up anyway:

Healthy Authentic Relationship Telesummit

Hope to *see* you there!


Amanda Rose