3 Step Process to Manifest Your Soulmate ūüíú‚ú®

Hello Gorgeous!

Are you ready to find your soulmate? ¬†Are you tired of looking everywhere with no luck? ¬†One of my go to top secrets is the power of manifesting. ¬†That’s why I’m so excited to share with you a simple 3 step process to manifest your soulmate!

Mindset is so important on whatever you do in life but especially when it comes to finding your life long partner. ¬†It’s so important that this is one of the first things I teach my clients. ¬†Because what we are we will attract. ¬†So if we’re negative and bad mouthing men we’ll continue to attract bad relationships. ¬†When we start shifting those negative beliefs to positive life giving thoughts miracles happen. ¬†The energy and vibe we put off is actually more attractive to others. ¬†When we have a positive vibe it’s like sunbeams radiate from us. ¬†I’ve had clients tell me that their friends ask what they’re doing different because their energy is contagious.

So let’s get started with some simple manifestation tips. ¬†I share 3 quick tips in the video below on how you can start the manifestation process.


Amanda Rose



Flirty and Fabulous Online Dating Day 5 – Flirty & Fun!

Flirty and Fabulous Online Dating Day 5 – Flirty & Fun!

Be Flirty & Fun!


It’s Flirty and Fabulous Online Dating Day 5 and today it’s all about being flirty and fun! ¬†Online Dating doesn’t have to be boring or something you hate doing. ¬†It actually can be a fun process to find some fabulous dates that eventually lead you to the “one.” ¬†So today it’s time to makeover those online dating profiles and mindsets!

What if you start approaching online dating with fun and positivity? ¬†Yes it can become discouraging to swipe right or left on hundreds of profiles without getting nothing but a dud. ¬†It’s important to stay in a positive mindset during the dating process. ¬†If we think negative about dating and the options out there then more negative experiences will attract themselves to us. ¬†When we start to have fun with the dating process our energy is reflected in our dates. ¬†I haven’t had a bad date since 2011 right after my divorce! ¬†And to be honest my mindset sucked at the time! I also learned how to screen my dates better before agreeing to meet them. ¬†It took months of re-programming how I approached dating and meeting new people. ¬†I’ve never been on a bad date since. ¬†Of course I went out with plenty of people that it just didn’t work out and we were not a good match but I always had fun in the process.

  1. ¬†Be friendly and smile. ¬†A person that is friendly and smiles raises their attraction level. ¬†When you’re friendly online the potential date assumes you’ll be friendly and fun in person. ¬†This ups your chances of moving the interaction from online to in person.
  2. Stay positive in your messages. ¬†Don’t talk about how bad your past dating experiences have been. ¬†A funny story here and there about a date gone wrong is ok but story after story of how dating sucks for you leaves a negative vibe. ¬†If it sucks so bad for you the person reading the messages might wonder what you do to make it so bad.
  3. Be flirty.  The best flirting is respectful and fun.  Flirting is not sending questionable photos that you could regret later.  Give casual compliments, be a little sassy and talk about fun topics.  If you need more flirty tips check out our date coaching sessions where we teach you how to flirt successfully and not awkwardly.

So today I have a challenge for you! ¬†Let off more positive and fun energy on your profile, in your messages, in your mindset and on your dates. ¬†Let me know how the dating process changes for you. ¬†And remember do this consistently, it takes practice and persistence! Don’t give up until you find the “one!”

Do you want more online dating tips?  Ready to make your profile stand out above the rest?  Want some catchy taglines, intros and more?  Check out my Become Your Own Matchmaker Online Dating Course HERE!


Amanda Rose

Flirty and Fabulous Online Dating Day 5 – Flirty & Fun!

Don’t Social Media Stalk

I felt like I had to put this out there because I don’t know how many times someone saw my online dating profile and then searched for my social media pages. ¬†I think it’s totally okay to check out someone’s social media accounts, it gives an extra glimpse into who they are. However, I highly recommend not to message them on the online dating site and then on all their social media accounts and then message them again when they don’t respond… Yes I’ve had that happen on several occasions. ¬†It looks creepy and gives out the wrong vibe. ¬†I even had a couple guys get mad at me for not responding to them after I obviously didn’t swipe right on Tinder. ¬†I’m like “I don’t even know you!”

So when it comes to online dating don’t cyber stalk. ¬†If someone doesn’t respond to your first or second message or your right swipe don’t track them down on social media. ¬†Cyber stalking looks desperate, is creepy and will not win you a date. ¬†However it might win you a restraining order. ¬†If you’re not getting a response from one person just move on to the next. ¬†You’ll connect with the right person. ¬†You can’t force a connection that’s not there. ¬†Also keep yourself safe from cyber stalking. ¬†If you have an erry feeling about someone delete them and don’t respond.

Also resist the urge to social media stalk someone new that you’re dating. ¬†Why are you checking up on someone that you’re newly dating? ¬†It’s easy to take things that you see on social media and over analyze what’s actually going on. ¬†I’ve seen many people cause unnecessary drama in a new relationship over something they saw on social media. ¬†Get to know someone for who they are not for what you see online. ¬†Unless of course their social media is filled with pictures of them and their spouse or any other major red flags! Then you know just to run in the opposite direction. ¬†Otherwise if they seem quite normal then let social media go for a while and get to know them.

Flirty and Fabulous Online Dating Day 5 – Flirty & Fun!

Flirty & Fabulous Online Dating Day 1

Make Sure Your Pictures are On Point

Have you heard the saying first impressions are everything? ¬†It’s true! ¬†Especially in the world of online dating. ¬†You literally have a few seconds to make a great first impression and have someone click on your profile. ¬†Not only do you want people to click on your profile, you want the right people to click on your profile!

  1.  Your pictures need to tell a story of who you are.  Post photos that show your personality, your hobbies, what you like to do on the weekends.  Do you like rock climbing?  Post a photo of you climbing. It might spark a conversation with someone with similar interests and it shows you have an exciting life.
  2. Make sure the pictures are current! ¬†There’s nothing worse than showing up to a date expecting someone 10 years younger. ¬†Be truthful about who you are. ¬†You don’t want someone to feel lied to, the date won’t go in your favor.
  3. Don’t show too much skin! ¬†There’s nothing worse than seeing a picture of a man flexing in the mirror with his nasty toliet behind him. And ladies keep it classy! ¬†If you’re showing too much boob in the profile picture you’re going to attract all kinds of sleezy men. Don’t be surprised when they show up to the date wanting one thing and I’m not talking about a committed relationship.
  4. Post 3-5 current pictures on your profile. ¬†There’s no need to overload your profile with too much information. ¬†Keep some of your life a mystery so there’s lots to talk about at the date!

Let me know how the above tips work for you in your online profile!  For more online dating tips check out my Online Dating Webinar here. 


Amanda Rose