Flirty & Fabulous Online Dating Day 2 – Short & Simple

Flirty & Fabulous Online Dating Day 2 – Short & Simple

Keep it Short & Simple

It’s Day 2 of Flirty & Fabulous Online Dating!  Today we are still focusing on 1st impressions.  When someone lands on your profile page you have less than 7 seconds to make a stellar first impression.  It’s important to keep your online dating profile sweet and simple.  You don’t want to bore your potential date before there’s even a date!  You want them to be intrigued and curious to learn more about you.  So the next Flirty & Fabulous Online Dating Tip is to keep your profile sweet & simple!

Here are a few tips to make a great first impression and get a potential dates attention.

  1.  What is your profile saying about you?  At first glance what does your profile represent?  Is it cute & catchy or does it have TOO much information?  It’s important to keep your profile to one or two paragraphs.  Leave room for some mystery.  If you tell your life story in your profile it can bore the reader and/or it leaves less to build an engaging conversation.
  2. Keep it Short.  Write a paragraph or two highlighting a few things about your personality and what you’re looking for.  Don’t give away the whole farm!  Focus on a few interesting facts about yourself that would want someone to learn more details about you.
  3. Keep it catchy & cute.  I read the cutest online profile from a guy that highlighted his interesting facts with pretend reviews.  For example a couple of the reviews said, “One of my favorite guys.” Mom   “Incredible rock climber and master ping pong player.” Dave -Best friend since 2nd grade. It was different, catchy and cute! Do something out of the ordinary to spice up your profile and make it stand out.  Let your personality shine!
  4. No negativity.  And last but not least stay away from all forms of negativity on your profile.  Don’t talk about your ex, your past bad dating experiences or why you can’t believe you’re on online dating.  Keep your profile upbeat  and fun!  You’ll attract what you put out there.  No one likes a negative Nancy.  Remember the saying misery breeds company.  You don’t want a miserable date!

Let me know how putting these tips into place changes your dating game! Remember what is your profile saying about you?  If you’re not sure change it up if you’re not getting results and see what works for you.  Or take advantage of our online dating makeover package here!  We’ll get your profile standing out above the rest with our team of dating experts and specialists.  Stay tuned for more great online dating tips coming your way!


Amanda Rose

How To Love Unconditionally

How To Love Unconditionally


How To Love Unconditionally


“To be brave is to love someone unconditionally without expecting anything in return.”  Madonna

Loving unconditionally is a commitment to love an imperfect person. Remember you are an imperfect person too. This type of love does not include revenge or purposely hurting someone. Loving unconditionally is scary and vulnerable. In reality love causes pain and hurt. To love someone with complete vulnerability that they can cause hurt in your life is scary. Being vulnerable while loving wholeheartedly is part of living fully. Love with your whole heart and mind. Be open to the magical experiences that love can bring even if it is just for a short moment in time. This type of love is worth it!

Loving unconditionally is the commitment at the end of the day to another human being that creates long lasting relationships. It includes sacrifice and commitment. However, this does not mean that you are to accept toxic or abusive behaviors. Sometimes we must love someone from a distance to protect ourselves.

How can you love unconditionally? Here are 5 ways to start your journey of loving unconditionally in your relationships.

1. Forgiveness

Unconditional love says you hurt me, you disappointed me but I forgive you anyways. I love you with your flaws and imperfections. Every human being is imperfect. We can not live up to false expectations of never making a mistake. To love unconditionally means to acknowledge the fact that everyone will fail. People will hurt us. It is our decision to continue to love this person or to walk away. Forgiveness is necessary to create healthy long term relationships. By no way am I saying that you should stay in a relationship that is abusive or unhealthy. However, even healthy life giving relationships will be faced with the power of forgiveness. Forgiveness is freeing especially for the one offering the forgiveness. It can be incredibly hard to forgive someone that has caused pain in our heart. However, holding on to a negative situation and letting it reside in your heart is toxic.

2. Self Love

To love others fully we must learn to love ourselves first. How we treat ourselves is a reflection in how we will let others treat us. Love yourself unconditionally. Acknowledge your weaknesses, your failures, your mistakes. Now rise up above all those and know how worthy you are of unconditional love. You are worthy of true healthy love and commitment.

3. Sacrifice

Unconditional love includes sacrifice. We sometimes sacrifice our own wants for the benefit of others. Take a mother and child relationship. This is one of the most beautiful forms of unconditional love and sacrifice. We may sacrifice a temporary want for the well being of our relationships. Do not sacrifice your self worth or respect.

4. Vulnerability

Being vulnerable can bring fear into our hearts. We fear being rejected or not understood. However, when we fully open our hearts and live with openness we let more love in. Vulnerability is saying I love you enough to be open and honest even though I fear rejection.
“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage.
Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.” Brene Brown

5. Wholeheartedness

Love with your whole heart. Love fully and passionately. Loving unconditionally means that you will continue to love this person with your whole heart not a piece here and there. Love them when they are in a bad mood, love them when they are sick or depressed, love them when they are unlovable. Share your heart with them so that they know the beautiful feelings that you have for them.

6. Courage

To love unconditionally takes courage. A whole lot of courage! Especially when our heart has been broken it takes courage to keep loving, to keep trying and to never give up. When we have experienced great heart break it is often hard to open our hearts again. Loving unconditionally is one of the bravest things you will ever do.

This article was featured on the Huffington Post!  Click here to go to the original article.

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Create Limitless Love

Create Limitless Love


Create Love

Love begins the moment of creation. Each human being is designed to love and receive love. As we grow we chose to embrace love or run from it. Often we are in environments that don’t cultivate an atmosphere of love. We feel trapped in unhealthy relationships. We leave broken and discouraged. It’s during this time that we need to realize what is at stake. We risk losing love within us and for others. Instead of letting bitterness and hurt take our soul prisoner we need to embrace the gifts within us. To cultivate limitless love we must be mindful, vulnerable and live on purpose despite of our circumstances. Here are some basic steps to create love in your life.

1. Practice self love

Self love comes when we learn to love ourselves. We embrace worthiness within ourselves and others. Our unique purpose begins to come to light as we learn that we are worthy of love.

2. Manifest love

Loving our self creates love for others. Self love instantly manifests love. As this love grows and matures our love spreads to others. The more love we create the more love will be returned to us.

3. Forgiveness

There can not be authentic love without forgiveness. Releasing hurts and disappointments clears our life to welcome more love. True love comes through authentic forgiveness. Let go of hurt and resentment. As you wash away life’s disappointments your heart will begin to heal and open to abundant love.

4. Purpose

Every individual has a purpose in life. When we know our unique purpose we begin to share that purpose with others. Remember that your purpose is unique and beautifully designed just for you. Share your love, passion and life with others as you discover your unique purpose. When we share our purpose we change the world.

As we practice these steps a complete circle is created that produces limitless love in our world.

So get out there and start your journey towards love!



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