Wondering where all the high quality men are?


Tired of repeating all the same dating patterns?


Let’s grab a glass of champagne!


Learn how to manifest your man and the life you desire,


get lots of great secrets on dating,


fabulous girl talk & some extra sweet bonuses!

What you’ll learn in the Manifest a Man Course:

~Learn the Secrets to Attracting a High Quality Partner

~Get Clarity and Focus on What You Truly Desire

~Learn Powerful Practices to Own Your True Self-Worth

~Raise Your Vibrational Energy to Attract High Quality Men with Flow & Ease 

~The Power of Creating a Vision Board.  Each person will create a vision board the Matchmaker way!

~Recognize any dating blocks and how to completely transform them

~Actionable Plan to Implement in Your Life and Take Action Immediately

~Matchmaking Secrets that I Only Share with Exclusive Clients

In week 1 we get super clear about what is holding you back from finding true love.  We work on recognizing and healing limiting beliefs around relationships, the importance of letting go of past experiences and how to forgive to move you to the next level in your love life.

In week 2 we talk all about love, self love that is!  The secret to attracting high quality men is within you.  During module two we dig deep into how to be a magnet for high quality men, developing a high level mindset around yourself, dating and finding the one. And we put all of this into action packed steps!  We’ll set up self love routines, affirmations and more to shake the limiting beliefs off once and for all.  This is one of the most powerful practices you’ll ever learn and can apply it to every situation in your life.

In week 3 I teach you all my visualization secrets and how to get crystal clear about what you want to manifest. We create Manifest Your Man vision boards the matchmaker way and learn the power behind this.  The visualization techniques teach you how to start attracting only high quality men, fabulous dates which will lead you to finding the one! And it starts to become naturally.  You’ll be amazed at the level of men you meet compared to the past duds. 

In week 4 we Raise Your Energetic Vibration to Attract and Magnetize your Man!  Learn how to create the life and environment to clear space and attract your soulmate where high quality men flow to you with ease. 

In week 5 I teach you how to get out there and date successfully.  Learn the secrets to dating like a matchmaker, how to have fabulous dates, and have so much fun in the process! This is where you put everything you learned in the course to practice and we get you out there to find your man!  I’m so excited to get to this Module because this is where the magic happens! 

What to Expect

The course opens Summer 2019!


The entire course will be completely online.  So if you can’t attend on a

release date no biggie!


You’ll have unlimited anytime access to the course forever!




Fabulous Bonuses

~  The Soulmate Manifesto Prayer 

~ A Girl Talk Q&A Group Coaching Session

~ Private Facebook Community of other heart centered women to offer support and inspiration

~  “Create a Life You Love and Become Irresistible” Ebook

~ Entry into our Exclusive Matchmaking Database

~ Become Your Own Matchmaker:  Online Dating Series

Total Bonus Value:  Over $700

Frequently Asked Questions 

What if I'm too busy to take the course?

That’s what is great about this course!  One module is sent per week of the course period.  However, if you are busy one week and need to wait to the next you’ll have access to ALL modules at anytime forever.  We want you to take the course at your convenience and at a pace that’s right for you.

What if I'm not sure I'm ready to date?

Often we hold on to past relationships that have hurt us and mentally decide not to date again.  This course is perfect for you to work through past hurts, renew hope and learn how to find and attract a healthy relationship.  Even if you’re not ready to date just yet, you’ll have the tools to date successfully when you are ready again.  Plus you’ll have a fabulous community to support you and love on you throughout the process.

Do you offer refunds?

Sure! I believe in the power of this course so much that I’m willing to offer a full refund by March 14, 2017.  That’s when Module Two comes out.  So by March 14, 2017 you send me all your fully completed homework from Module One and a written email about why you want a refund I’ll fully refund you.

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely!  I want you to take this course and I know sometimes it’s just not possible to pay in full.  So I’ve offered a bi-weekly payment plan to fit your budget.  See the payment options below.

What results do you guarantee?

I wish I could guarantee specific results.  I highly believe in the power of the principals, practices, teachings and lessons taught in this course.  Individuals experience different results based on the time, effort and commitment they put into the course along with other outside lifestyle factors beyond our control.  We will do our best to give you all the tools and teachings you need to put into practice.  It is up to you what you do with what we give you.  And my attorney says I need to put this little bit of information with the course: DISCLAIMER – I don’t guarantee or warrant results or guaranteed results of you finding a relationship. The results on this page and the course may not be typical for all students.

Additional Support Questions?

Send us your questions to info@datingboutiqueinc.com

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