Do you feel stuck in life & love?  Do you feel like you continue to date the same type of people with no luck? Do you want to meet the love of your life?


The only way to attract quality dates is to be Amazing & Irresistible! Our date coaches show you how!

Join one of the country’s top matchmakers in a personalized coaching session to put your love life back on track!  Amanda has coached hundreds of clients with her years of matchmaking experience, intuitive guidance, actionable tools and life experience to create positive life changes in her client’s dating life.  Clients are guided to create a life of love and happiness!


Our coaching sessions are empowering, clarifying, & life changing! Each coaching session is a guided personalized one-on-one session.  You will be provided with actionable tools to implement into your daily life.

A personalized coaching session is right for you if you desire:

Clarity in your dating & love life

More support & direction

Accountability & inspiration

To find love!


Choose a coaching package that is right for you.


Date Coaching


Date Coaching

Date Coaching


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