Getting to the root of your dating and love blocks is the key to uncovering what is holding you back from finding a healthy, long term, committed love. After working with thousands of singles for over a decade I can instantly identify why an individual is still single. Within just a few minutes of listening to someone and their journey to find love I can usually identify the exact reason they haven't found the one. This intuitive guidance session is designed to support you to find answers, create an action plan for positive change and bring clarity to your love life.

In your intuitive guidance session we will spend 1 hour identifying the main inner block that's holding you back from finding love and design a simple action plan to get you on the path to finding the one.

Sound like a lot to tackle in 1 hour? I've figured out a method that works for 98% of clients I've consulted with. Here's the secret: commit to inner healing, identify the area of change and break out of your comfort zone.

Interested in taking your dating life to the next level? Ready to learn why you're still single? Good news—we'll do both in this one convenient session.

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