Flirty & Fabulous Online Dating Day 1

Flirty & Fabulous Online Dating Day 1

Make Sure Your Pictures are On Point

Have you heard the saying first impressions are everything?  It’s true!  Especially in the world of online dating.  You literally have a few seconds to make a great first impression and have someone click on your profile.  Not only do you want people to click on your profile, you want the right people to click on your profile!

  1.  Your pictures need to tell a story of who you are.  Post photos that show your personality, your hobbies, what you like to do on the weekends.  Do you like rock climbing?  Post a photo of you climbing. It might spark a conversation with someone with similar interests and it shows you have an exciting life.
  2. Make sure the pictures are current!  There’s nothing worse than showing up to a date expecting someone 10 years younger.  Be truthful about who you are.  You don’t want someone to feel lied to, the date won’t go in your favor.
  3. Don’t show too much skin!  There’s nothing worse than seeing a picture of a man flexing in the mirror with his nasty toliet behind him. And ladies keep it classy!  If you’re showing too much boob in the profile picture you’re going to attract all kinds of sleezy men. Don’t be surprised when they show up to the date wanting one thing and I’m not talking about a committed relationship.
  4. Post 3-5 current pictures on your profile.  There’s no need to overload your profile with too much information.  Keep some of your life a mystery so there’s lots to talk about at the date!

Let me know how the above tips work for you in your online profile!  For more online dating tips check out my Online Dating Webinar here


Amanda Rose 

Dating as a Single Parent

Dating as a Single Parent

Dating as a single parent can be tough! In this video I give you a few quick tips on how to date successfully as a single parent and take care of yourself. Be sure to subscribe for more great tips at

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A Night Out on the Town!

A Night Out on the Town!


It’s the weekend! Do you have a date or night on the town planned?  Single & ready to mingle? Not sure what to wear?

First impressions are everything!  We literally have just a few seconds to make a great 1st impression.  Here’s a few tips on how to feel and look stunning for your date or night out?  Because remember you never know who you’ll meet while out & about.

~ Practice self care on a consistent basis.  When we look worn out and  like a hot mess on a daily basis it starts to show up on the outside and in our energy.  Do something every day to help you relax. Even if it’s just 10 minutes.  Take a hot bath, do 10 minutes of yoga, paint your nails or just go for a walk.  Daily self care is essential in feeling and looking our best when it comes time for the date.

~ Wear bright & flirty clothes!  Bright colors represent friendliness, fun and approachable.  I’m not saying go into your date with a bunch of neon colors.  We don’t want to blind our dates.  A cute pink blouse or blue dress is the perfect option for some bright options.

~ Make sure your clothes fit your body type.  Stay clear of large patterns or too tight clothes.  Keep your outfit classy not with cleavage falling out all over the place.  Classy can be incredibly sexy without showing too much skin.

~ Don’t over do it on your makeup.  Makeup can accentuate your features or make it appear that you just got off your day job as a clown.  Learn how to apply makeup and what colors look best on you.  Go to the makeup counters at the mall or contact one of our stylists.  We’d be happy to help you with some great makeup tips.

~ And last but definitely not least!  Love the body you’re in!  Self confidence is key in finding and creating a long lasting relationship.  When we’re confident in who we are we radiate with beauty.  Embrace those stretch marks and your curves.  You’re gorgeous girlfriend! Go out there and get ’em!

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Create a Breakup Breakthrough

Create a Breakup Breakthrough

breakupA breakup has the power to rock us to the core.  We can either let it knock us down or we can choose to rise from it.  Think of how amazing life would be if we decided to take heartbreak and make something beautiful out of it.  Yes heartbreak can be transformed into something life changing and beautiful.  Change can be painful but do you know what’s more painful?  Staying somewhere that we can’t fully live to our highest purpose.  Yes breakups hurt like hell but it hurts more when you stay somewhere you’re not respected or wanted. A breakup can ultimately wake us up to realize what we really deserve in a relationship.

A breakup and a relationship does not define you.  My wish is that every woman will see her great value and beauty.  We are each created for a beautiful purpose beyond what we can see in the pain.  Your worth is not in another person but within yourself.  It’s there girlfriend. Let’s make a change and create breakup breakthroughs.   Go grab your power, take it back and rock out your single life.

Ways to rock your singleness & create a breakup breakthrough

1.  Find your tribe.  I’m not talking about finding casual acquaintances.  Being around the wrong people can be the loneliest place in the world.  Make a conscious choice to surround yourself with the right people.  I’m talking about finding a group of people that are badass, soulful, and uplifting women.  Begin to work on becoming that type of woman.  As you do the universe will align to bring you other people that will support and encourage you.  These are the people that you will have the time of your life with.  I have the most amazing group of women around me. Some I have known for decades, some for just a couple months but each one I know that the divine connected us for a reason.  I have never enjoyed being single so much!  And I know a lot of it is because of these incredible ladies.

2.  Stop worrying about finding Mr. Right.  When we worry we let off negative energy and our total vibe is off.  Enjoy making new connections and meeting new people.  Focus on a new connection and not the long list of what you want in a partner.  A worried or bad attitude can block love from coming into your life. Let connections happen and flow freely.  You never know where a new connection will lead you.  Open your heart to new connections and experiences.

3.  Be you!  Fall in love with yourself.   We have more love to give when we are confident in ourselves.  When we can truly be comfortable alone with who we are then we can let the perfect person in.   Self confidence and authenticity is sexy!  Start each day with positive affirmations about who you want to be and who you want to attract into your life.

4.  Go on adventures and lots of them!  One of the most powerful lessons I learned is to not let someone stop you from feeling alive.  If someone brings negative energy to what makes you feel happy and alive then it’s time to re-evaluate that relationship.  Don’t let life pass you by because someone else doesn’t want you to enjoy it to the fullest.  Whoever comes into your life should have the same zest for life.  Sometimes we don’t need a plan to be adventurous.  Sometimes we just need to breathe, let go and trust in our divine destiny.

5.  Walk away from anything that no longer grows you or makes you happy.  Yes it can be damn hard walking away from the familiar.  We are often blinded by our comfort zone or of what “could” be.   We hang on too long to the toxic negative relationship or dwell on a breakup. Begin to walk away to create a new normal for your life.  You have the power within you to create a new beginning that is better than before.

6.  Find the beauty in the new beginning.  Breakups are often disguised as beautiful new beginnings. The happiness on the other side of this breakup is coming. Sometimes it takes purposeful steps in the right direction to get us there.  Start looking around you for all the good that is in your life despite the breakup.  Create positive life giving experiences to cultivate more beauty around you.

7.   Enjoy the journey of being single.  Seriously enjoy the journey!  There’s no better time to fully learn how to follow your passions and love yourself.  Don’t wait for someone to enjoy life with.  Do it now, in this moment.  The journey shapes us into the beautiful person we’re designed to be.  Don’t dwell on the past, don’t worry about the present or future.  Enjoy the journey and live fully in the moment.

Are you ready for a breakup breakthrough?   I challenge you to do one thing today that will bring happiness to your life.  Leave comments below on what you did to create happiness after a breakup and how you are rocking out your journey.